"Personable, Super-Kid-Friendly
(and Parent-Easing) Consult"


Emily S.

"Came here by referral due to LOTS of work needing to be done for my 5 y.o.-inclined to stay with this practice just because they are SO good with kids!!! We will have to use General Anesthesia-Dr and hygienist both gave me so much info, didn’t push me into a decision one way or the other, and zero judgment :) Their goal, and mine, is to keep my kid loving the dentist (even if I can’t relate, haha!). Everyone that works there seems to genuinely enjoy being part of their team, which makes the whole experience that much more positive. I left feeling confident in my daughter’s care, and wishing there was a dentist this awesome for grownups!"

"Fun and playful dentist and staff. "


Chrissy S.

"My kids ages 11, 8 and 5 love Dr. K. Sawyer Negro. They ask when they get to go to the dentist like it’s Disneyland. The dentist will play with the kids and let them explore the equipment. It’s always such a pleasant experience. My 8 year old is on the autism spectrum and going to this office has never ever been a issue."

"Kind and Realistic Dentist"


Sherry O.

"I took my one year old son here for his first dentist visit. The waiting room was very fun (for both my son and me!) The entire staff was friendly. Dr. Sawyer made his examination quick and casual. I mentioned that I am having a hard time brushing my son's teeth, as he screams and flails, and I'm not sure how good of a brushing he is getting most of the time. Dr. Sawyer gave me some new techniques to try. He is understanding of the challenges of brushing a baby's teeth, and gives realistic advice, not expecting twice a day flossing, or perfect tooth-brushing three times a day. I wasn't ladled with guilt or unrealistic demands. I would recommend this dentist and his office."

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