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What's so special about a specialist? Let us demystify what we do.


Pediatric Dentistry: The Big Specialty for Small Teeth

A pediatric dentist's extra training provides your child with the highest quality of oral health care possible. Pediatric dentists spend four years completing dental school and then continue on to complete another two years of specialty training. Those two years could be spent in a university, hospital, or a combination of the two. During that time, they learn many skills in order to provide dental care with compassion in a comfortable setting. These skills include basic behavior management to help ease anxiety, such as Tell, Show, Do (TSD) and distraction, and more advanced behavior management, such as treatment under general anesthesia.


Pediatric dentists are specially trained to restore the primary teeth (baby teeth) to an appropriate level if cavities are found. When cavities are spotted early enough, they can be restored with minimal tooth structure lost. Catching cavities early can prevent growth of the cavity, infection from spreading into the jaw bones, and any resulting pain the infection may cause. 

Pediatric dentists are able to complete limited orthodontics (braces) and oral surgery (tooth extractions). However, whenever the task at hand is beyond the scope of our practice, our office refers to the other highly educated and capable specialists in our area. We work closely with general dentists and specialists in a multidisciplinary manner in order to provide the highest quality care that your child deserves. 




Children with Special Health Care Needs

Pediatric dentists specialize in treatment of children with special healthcare needs (CSHCN). Our dental office provides the knowledge and expertise needed for treating CSHCN, including working closely with your child's primary care physician. If your CSHCN has extensive dental needs, we can discuss options of being seen in a hospital setting. Sometimes, children also require initial acclimation to dentist office. To help them build their confidence, we offer "happy visits." Call our office to learn more!